Are Air Soft Guns Safe? Part 2

Are Air Soft Guns Safe? Part 2

Are Air Soft Guns Safe Part 1

I just received this email  from a friend of my sister’s.  I’ll let the friend’s emails speak for themselves:

From: Kathy  
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 3:03 PM
Subject: Air Soft Wars

Hello friends, 

I am sending this email as a sort of wake up call to all of us who have allowed our sons to play air soft wars.  As some of you know, Jack’s eye was severely damaged from an air soft pellet  on Monday evening at our house, right outside our back door.  Constant reminders of  “make sure you wear your protective eye gear” and “don’t shoot at each other when you’re that close” obviously did not sink in, leaving me to believe that our boys are just not mature enough to be playing air soft war. Additionally, some of the air soft guns are high powered and are probably meant for targets, not bodies.  

Jack may never fully regain his vision–we won’t know for a few more weeks if he will require surgery on the hole in his retina.  As of now, he has a torn iris, enlarged cornea, and a “traumatic macular hole” in his retina all from the force of one tiny air soft pellet.

He will not be able to finish out the basketball season, may not get to play Lacrosse or Flag Football in the Spring,  and will always be required to wear protective goggles during sports for the rest of his life–once an eye sustains an injury like this, it is always easier to injure it again.

I am not sending this note to cause panic or create drama.  I simply felt that everyone should know the risk their boys are taking when they play this game.  



From: Kathy
Subject: RE: Air Soft Wars
Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009, 1:13 PM

There is a 50% success rate for improved vision in kids that undergo this surgery.  He currently has 20/300 vision.

Hello again,  I promised each of you an update on Jack once we heard something of consequence.  I am sorry that I am sending this in an email, but I just can’t muster the emotional energy to speak with everyone in person–please accept my apology.

The tear in Jack’s retina has, unfortunately, torn further due to swelling into a full blown hole.  He will have surgery next Tuesday and will be out of school for 2 weeks.  The recovery is going to be our biggest challenge, as he has to remain face down for the full 2 week recovery(50 minutes of each hour the first week & 30 min. of each hour the 2nd week).  This is to keep the gas bubble that will be inserted into his eye in the correct position.

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