I’m moving my Blog from TypePad to WordPress

I’m moving my Blog from TypePad to WordPress

After almost 6 years I am looking at moving my blog over to WordPress from TypePad.com.  I feel TypePad is always a  little  behind the curve in functionality.  It took them a while before they supported Pages.  They do not support category/label feeds unless you have a Pro account and you have to jump through some hoops to make it work even then.

I’ve been using FaceBook lately and was excited to learn that I could get FaceBook to automatically pull in as notes, my blog posts.  I really only want to pull in general posts and not my geeky programming posts which is why I really want to be able to specify a category feed.  I think  this is something TypePad should include in my Plus account which I pay $71.60 per year.  Other services offer it for free and you don’t have to do anything, the feeds are just there!

The last straw was when I contacted TypePad support to share my views on this and got a less than satisfactory response.  Their support has always been pretty good though the answers were often unsatisfactory (we don’t support that, maybe one day).  I stated I felt the category feeds should be a basic feature and they replied they would be happy to pass my note on to their engineers for suggestions on future improvements.   This isn’t an improvement, it is a sales/marketing issue.  Yeah, I’m just starting to feel like a number with them and feeling I can actually get a better product with an opensource solution!

My hosting service LunarPages, which I love, offers to install WordPress for free which I did and I was able to import my TypePad blog without issue.  I’m not done yet, and I still have a bit of work to do but I think I’m going to be happy with the switch. I never did set the domain mapping in TypePad so I have more work  to fix all the links and links to images.

TypePad doesn’t offer FTP publishing which Blogger offers.  I don’t feel like I truly have control of my own content, until now!


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