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Blog publishers

Blog publishers

Client Apps

Ecto – supports TypePad, MovableType, MetaWeblog, Blogger and Atom.  "ecto fully supports Blogger’s implementation of the Atom interface, and basic support for TypePad’s implementation. File upload is not supported yet for TypePad."

NetNewsWire – Favorite Mac RSS Reader & Publisher.  Uses MetaWeblog API & Bloger API

Qumana – Qumana works with all major blog hosts, including Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogware and WordPress. The following are the currently implemented APIs: metaWeblog , Blogger, MoveableType

wBlogger – w.bloggar supports several blog tools and services. It also supports any custom tools that implements Blogger API or metaWeblog API (list of supported services).

Zempt – "So only tools that support MT’s API will work with Zempt. This includes not only Movable Type and TypePad, but WordPress and others as well."


TypePad supports both the blogger and metaWeblog XML-RPC APIs, along with the extensions supported by Movable Type. Recommended clients.


BlogJet & wBlogger support for dasBlog

Free weblog Service comparison

Free weblog Service comparison



  • Supports team blogging.
  • Blogger is the only service that support Universal XML-RPC Weblog Interface that allows third party clients like w.bloggar to add/edit/delete posts.
  • Can publish to your own site via FTP.
  • Categories supported via Labels.  Each  label has own feed 


  • Categories are NOT supported.
  • Posting images is a bit tedious.
  • Does not support podcasting. Feedburner can be used to add enclosure tags to your podcasts.
  • Feed in ATOM format only
  • No support for  separate pages 



  • Categories
  • Supports Pages


  • No  FTP

MSN Spaces


  • Offers various
    degrees of privacy ranging from only allowing you, or selected people,
    to see your blog, all the way up to "public" — meaning anyone can see
    the blog.
  • Offers Lists of URLs


  • Does not support podcasting
  • Can not publish to your own site
Blogging inside a company

Blogging inside a company

Benefits of weblogs for internal company use.

  • Can serve as informal code/design reviews. As people document what they are doing, others can chime in with relevant suggestions.
  • Consolidates everything in one place
  • Can keep track of ToDo lists
  • Can post project issues, Q&As
Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Here are some articles on what blogs are good for:
Why Businesses should blog
Why Blog?

Publishing is one aspect of blogging. The other more common is simply subscribing to and reading blogs using a special program called a News Aggregator (AKA News readers, RSS readers)

Before anyone starts blogging themselves, they usually become a reader
of blogs.  Only after experiencing the technology do you usually "get
it" and start thinking about keeping their own blog.

It’s easy to find lists and reviews of News Aggregators but here is a quick short list of the ones I would recommend.

Good Work use of RSS

Good Work use of RSS

I am new to databases.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  But my immediate need is to learn how to use SQL Server 2000 CE Edition.  To that end, as I am perusing the MSDN site, I am coming across various resource sites and various people within Microsoft that offer up information. Both sources are available through RSS so I am subscribing to these resources in my newsreader.  I’ll now get the latest information from those sites without having to visit them.