Dog Needs by George Jartos

Ellie, our Jack Russell, has already been vetted.  I had no desire to own a dog but I was fighting a losing battle with Jane and the three kids.  I threw out the obvious arguments: "it's a big responsibility", "who will take care of her?", "who will pick up after her?".  Of course they ALL said they would.  I finally told Jane I would leave the decision to her because I knew the kids would not be responsible enough to care for her and it would ultimately fall on her.  I help out a little but not that much.  I want everyone to understand and feel the consequences of their decision.

Cassidy this year has asked to get ANOTHER dog.  I've said no (just like I did the first time), knowing that if it came down to 4 against 1 again, I would lose that battle as well.  This time I asked Cassidy, if she has ever gone a full week where she has taken Ellie for a daily walk.  I asked her if she has cleaned up after her regularly?  Has she cleaned up her barf and bathed her when she has rolled around in poop?  Of course the answer is no.  Since she has not had to feel the true consequences of owning a dog, of course she is eager to get another.

Mark Cuban wrote a post this week titled "Stock Market Meltdowns – Why they will happen again and again and again ".  

I'm a firm believer in accountability.  As long as folks don't have to feel the consequences of their actions, bad and risky decisions that have a big upside and no downside, will continue to be made.

Interestingly,  Jane hasn't suggested that a second dog is a good idea.

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