We’re (mostly) an Android Family

We’re (mostly) an Android Family

Cassidy and I have been out of contract on our T-mobile phones for half a year.  We were waiting for the right time to extend our contract.  Cassidy has also been wanting an iPhone which of course T-mobile does not offer.  Earlier we were waiting to see if we could stay with T-mobile and maybe wait for AT&T to buy T-mobile and make iPhones available.

This weekend I picked up 3 new phones and extended Cassidy, David and my contract for 2 years.  The time was right because T-mobile was offering all their phones free with a 2-year committment.  T-mobile makes you jump through some hoops, however, asking for the cost of the phones up front and requiring you to send in rebate forms for each phone.  Rebates are such a cheezy business practice! Anybody that uses them I automatically think less of.  As much as Cassidy wanted an iPhone I convinced her to give the HTC Android a try. I’m hoping the speed of 4G and all the cool features of this phone will make her forget the iPhone.  She has an iPod Touch and an iPad!  And Jane has an iPhone.

We didn’t get the highest end Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Maze 4G (normally each $230 with 2-yr) because they required the most expensive plans which we didn’t need.  We settled on the HTC Sensation (normally $199) which is a beautiful phone.

There is something to be said for having the same phones in the family.  We can share discoveries, accessories, and experiences. We each have 2Gig unlimited data plans which means we get up to 2Gig at 4G speeds and don’t get charged for going over, but the speed drops.  It has a 8MP camera and can take 1080p video.  It came with an 8gig SD card and a nice stereo headphone with volume controls.

So far, we are all very pleased with the phone.

There wasn’t a specific driver to get my laptop to recognize the phone for Android development; I had to download the HTC sync software.  I got it Here

Just discovered a killer app that I’ve missed on the iPhone.  Maps street view!  It’s a free plugin on the Android!

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