Visual Studio 2008 Install

Visual Studio 2008 Install

I got my January MSDN update in the mail yesterday. In it came Visual Studio 2008. The installation did not go smoothly. I got errors that it failed. I ran the setup again in “repair” mode and it got further.

I tried creating a simple C++/MFC application and it did not compile complaining of missing windows.h and winres?.h. I can’t remember the letter missing from the file but it wasn’t winres.h it was looking for. It was looking in ./Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/atlmfc/include.

I tried repairing again and the files did not appear. I then ran the setup, went to add/remove components and deselected the C++ MFC component, then ran it again and selected it to reinstall it. Though the files that were “missing” did not appear, something changed and when I tried building an C++ MFC app, and Win32 app, those files were not referenced and the projects built successfully. Weird. I then tried compiling a 2005 C++ MFC project I had and it built fine as well.

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  1. This is a Visual Studio 2008 install bug .. I just ran into it today. I ran the install. I selected “complete” install. About 1/4 of the way through I got prompted to reboot my computer, and I did so. The setup did not restart after the reboot so I assumed it was completed. I tried to perform a simple compile and windows.h was missing. I performed a search in the VC9 directory, and yes it was in fact missing. I reran the install again .. and it went into maintenance mode, as if everything had installed sucessfully. But I noticed that there were some components that were not installed, even though I told it to perform a complete install. So I selected the only component not selected “crystal reports for visual studio 2008” and selected the update button. Then I got a long list of all the components (including the Platform SDK headers) that it was going to install.
    I mounted the DVD using an ISO mounter program .. my guess is thats why the setup did not automatically continue after the reboot (because the media was not mounted).

  2. I notice the windows.h in my win32 app is being referenced in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WIndows\v6.0A\include. I did read that VS08 integrates some of the SDKs that use to require a seperate install. Apparently my install didn’t complete like Larry’s.

  3. I also got problem with the header files although I did choose complete install. Many of the header files are missing. Right now I’m installing back my MS Visual Studio 2008. Hopefully the header files will be installed.

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