The Tale of the Swans and El Gato

The Tale of the Swans and El Gato

(KlR) The Water was so warm as I swam in the creek full of minnows and swans. I jumped in the water and…

(KB) the swans started to chant my name. I was in awe of the hospitality & kindness of my new friends.

(CK) I jumped into the pond to swim with the swans. Suddenly, a thunderstorm came into view

(KK) As the storm approached I gathered all the swans to save them.

(JK) Swans being swans, they scattered willy-nilly throughout the park. I gave up and sat down and had a Coors Lite

(DK) The Coors Lite pushed me over the edge, I’m DRUNK. I grabbed my salt gun, put on my shoes, and began the hunt.

(NS) It was so itchy in my bumhole! Suddenly, it was just so itchy!

(AK) Anyway…

(JcR) Then a big gato started crawling out of my bumhole and it started meowing at me. I offered it a Dos X Equis and we chilled on the porch in Uvalde on the Las Nueces River for the next 30 days and we lived happily ever after.

(JsR) The gato started to become unfaithful. I would wait at home for them to come home, praying that they weren’t out on the town preying on the young puss of Uvalde.

(SR) The gato was in fact preying on the young puss of Uvalde…but she was just providing for her young gatos.

(KrR) By morning the gato was found drinking the leftover wine and was super drunk

(KlR) El gato had an intervention, with his feline cousins & Apache who has intervened with his master family and told him to start dipping & smoking cigars and do less drinking & do this.

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