Teaching kids how to program computers

Teaching kids how to program computers

To this day, one of my favorite game CD’s for kids is The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain. Each of the games require critical thinking which is why I love the game.

My personal favorite is the “Train of Thought” which requires you to control the intersection switches on ever-increasing in complexity railroad tracks.  Colored balls are introduced on the track and you have to make sure they arrive at a single destination in the right order.

Another games is a simple interface controlling a robot on a grid.  It is intended to teach basic programming constructs.

I came across another program for teaching kids about computer programming.  I found it searching for resource for python programming.   It’s called The Guido van Robot or GVR for short.  Haven’t downloaded yet but the screenshots look interesting and I’ll get around to trying it out.

More efforts to help kids learn about programming and computers.

AliceThe focus of the Alice project is now to provide the best possible first exposure to programming for students ranging from middle schoolers to college students

Kids Programming Language (KPL)


Don Box’s thoughts

Small Basic Small Basic Tutorials

Game Development using XNA & C#

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