Recovering GamerTag on a new XBOX

Recovering GamerTag on a new XBOX

We just got back our XBOX that was freezing up. Turns out Microsoft was willing to fix it free of charge because it was a Core system.  This system has already been sent in for the red ring of death.

This first Core XBOX I bought used, was a huge bundle. It came with a hard drive, wireless adapter, driving wheel, a custom Gears of War metal carrying case, lots of games, controllers, wireless headset, charging units, Memory Unit.

Microsoft sent a replacement unit which has a new Serial #.  On boot up I had to answer some first-time questions as a brand new system.  I didn’t have any problem with my XBOX live profiles (FrostySlam and  SuperSlam2)  because I keep those on MUs so David and I can play on either one of our two systems.    If  I had kept our XBOX live profiles on the hard drive, it would have been another story.

Tonight a friend called because he had just gotten back HIS XBox  from the Microsoft repair center, but after connecting his Hard Drive his XBOX Live gamertag was missing.  I suggested he needed to recover the gamertag.  I researched a bit and found out why he had to do this.

When you download content, the content is registered to the gamertag that downloaded as well as to the XBOX that it was downloaded on.  That means ANYONE can use the content on that XBOX, like extra map-packs to Call of Duty or Arcade games (without having to connect to XBOX Live).  In addition, you can re-download and use that content on any other XBOX as long as you are logged in using the gamertag that downloaded the content.  That works out great for us because an extra purchase can be used by both David and I as long as we download on one XBOX, then take the gamertag to the other and download and  use it there.

In addition, it seems that the gamertag is also somehow tied to the xbox on which it was purchased.  So simply replacing the hard drive isn’t going to allow the gamertag to be active on that xbox, hence the need to recover a gamertag on a new xbox even though you connect the hard drive that had the gamertag stored on it.

My friend, having the worst luck, ran into one more problem as he was recovering his gamertag on the new XBOX. He got the message “cannot find a storage device or not enough space to recover game tag”.  He needed to go Settings…Memory…Gamer Profiles and delete his XBox live gamertag (it showed up THERE) because it was apprently corrupt.  That allowed him to recover his gamertag again.

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