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I don’t consider myself an evangelist for podcasting….yet.  I don’t produce podcasts myself and have only ever listened to a few podcasts.  I’ve downloaded and played a little with iPodder but I don’t even own an iPod or MP3 player (my wife has a 128mb flash mp3 player).

Just because I have not personally experienced much benefits from podcasting doesn’t mean I don’t recognize that others do.  I allow for the fact that one day I will encounter a scenario where podcasting makes sense for me.

I have, in the past, gone to NPR and listened to some archived program broadcasts.  I also enjoy listening to archives of my church’s weekly sermons.

Last month I took my son’s Tiger Cub Den to the student run radio station on the UT campus in Austin.  I met several enthusiastic students who genuinely enjoyed working there. Voluntarily of course.  When I got home, I sent an email to the station to thank them for giving us a tour of the station.  I also mentioned that they might consider offering a podcast for their fans and as a way to promote their station.  Well they took me to heart and not more than two weeks later they went live with their podcast!   The webmaster had not even heard of podcasting until I brought it to their attention.  They are still ironing out some kinks in their feed but kudos to them for jumping in and giving it a go.

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