I took David paintballing this weekend.  It was a perfect day for it; overcast, and it rained a little bit.  Actually it could have been a little colder, it was in the upper sixties.

David was kinda nervous.  He mostly stayed back and shot from out of range.  He never shot anyone but managed to use up about three times more ammo than I did!

We tried Xtreme Paintball.  I had called ahead to get information. Mark and the rest of the staff were terrific.  They really seemed to focus on making sure everyone had a good time, that teams were balanced and that safety was not compromised.  I really appreciated his warning to the group that there were kids present and to try to limit bad language.   

I spent $90 for about four hours of play.  $15 covers rental of equipment & fields, free air all day and starter pack of 100 rounds.  I purchased an extra 2000 rounds for $60.  1000 rounds is $35.   $15 is cheap in my opinion so I’m happy for them to make money off the paint.  That seems fair. The more you shoot the more you spend.

It only took about 45-50 minutes to get there from Bee Caves & 71.  We may try other sites in the area just to compare and to try out new fields but I definitely see us returning to Xtreme Paintball again and again.  Thanks Mark for getting David hooked and me hooked all over again!

If you’re looking for a paintball field near Austin, or have never done it but are interested, I highly recommend Xtreme Paintball.  Tell ’em Alan sent you!

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