KLUX for Elevator Music

KLUX for Elevator Music

I don’t expect to get many takers on this but even though this will place an old fogie label on me, I’m secure enough in my music tastes to write that there is a time and place for even Elevator Music (besides the elevator).  Sometimes I just get tired of other genres.  Playing music at work, it’s easy to overplay the same tunes.  I actually discovered this station when we were staying at a Condo in Port Aransas.  The calming tunes just seemed to fit our laid back vacation and we kept it on this station most of the trip.  The KLUX website is here which contains several streaming links.

This is a Catholic station so you will get religious service announcements. You’ve been warned.

There may be other similar stations but I don’t know any, feel free to recommend others that would be worthy replacements.

Update: Someone pointed out that those are an unfortunate set of call letters. True enough but I discovered things could be worse.

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