Just Brakes Austin Review

Just Brakes Austin Review

Just Brakes

Last time I got an oil change at Lamb’s they told me I needed new brake pads on my rear wheels.  They said I may not make it to my next oil change, said they were about 80% worn.  It would cost just over $200 for them to replace them.  I passed thinking I would get a second opinion or see if I could get it done cheaper.  1100 miles later, and after several weeks of nervous driving,  I searched online for a brake place in Austin and decided to stop early this morning on my way to work at this Just Brakes store: Just Brakes on 183 N.

It was a rainy morning,  traffic was bad but I was the only one there when I arrived at 7:20 (they open at 7:00).  They were situated between a Lube & Oil place and a full service car repair shop. All three shared the same parking area!

Well turns out the store manager Jason said that Lamb’s probably exaggerated and that I wasn’t in dire need to replace the break pads.  My car lease was up in two months and there really wasn’t any reason to spend even the $99 for all 4 wheels that Just Brake offers.

How refreshing to deal with an honest repair shop.  Jason showed me the break pads and made me feel good about his assessment.  He stated they find the problem in the car not the customer, which addressed what I’m sure he knows is a common fear people have of dealing with car shops.

If you search Google for “Just Brakes” you will notice some hits for consumer complaints or rip-off reports related to Just Brakes.  You’ll find similar hits on other car shops like Brake Check.   I read these reports with a grain of salt.  I know that in ANY business there will be complaints and that the complainers are the most vocal. But still, it made me a little nervous this morning as I headed to Just Brakes without a reservation (Break Check advertises 20% off if you have an appointment!).

I am happy to report that I had a terrific experience with Just Brakes and am thankful that Jason was there to greet me.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with my organization and with your reader’s. Just Brakes certainly strives for 100% customer satisfaction, and certainly wants to ensure that our branding that “We Really Do Care!” is a way of life for our entire service and support team as it relates to customers and employees, alike. We welcome and solicit feedback from our customers, both pro and con, so that we can grow as an organization and meet and exceed the expectations of our customers on both, service and quality repair. I personally receive a vastly larger amount of feedback in the positive, but unfortunately, people do not showcase great experiences as often as the other. I cannot express how appreciative I am that you are sharing your experience with our service center reaffirming that Just Brakes is an organization that seeks to provide integrity and trust in the relationships we build with our customers. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us and anyone else reading.

    Chris Coomer
    Executive Director of Consumer Affairs
    Just Brakes

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