Guidelines to using PowerPoint

Guidelines to using PowerPoint

Why do schools love to teach PowerPoint?  Because they can?  Is that the best use of computer education dollars?  More than learning how to create a nice document using styles?  Wouldn’t teaching them the finer points of inserting pictures into a document benefit them more?  How about starting a blog, programming, creating a picture slideshow with music, understanding how to use email effectively, guarding against SPAM, forwarding email after cleaning them up and removing CC lists.  I would choose a dozen other things before teaching a kid in Elementary school how to use PowerPoint.  Is my daughter going to create a powerpoint slideshow explaining the benefits of increasing her allowance?  What does a kid need PowerPoint for?  It reminds me when I was volunteering at SeniorNet and was sadden when I saw the syllabus.  They were teaching 70 year olds that never used computers, Access Database!  How about teaching them an alternative to double-clicking which to some was very difficult to do?  I digress.

If you have a legitimate need to use PowerPoint. Here are some tips:

Jesper writes: Death By PowerPoint

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