Generation Names

Generation Names

2010 – ? Generation Alpha. Most technically savvy. Don’t know when social media did not exist

1997-2010 Generation Z or iGen. First to be live in completely connected world

1981-1996 Millennial Generation / Generation Y. Boomers accuse of being self-centered and entitled due to excessive use of technology. Community-oriented and environmentally conscious.

1965-1980 Generation X. Slacker generation. Lived through AIDS, MTV culture. First to use helicopter parenting.

1946-1964 Baby Boom Generation. Gen Z think they are their out-of-touch grandparents (“Ok Boomer”). First to consider kid’s perspective of growing up, started “family meetings”

1928-1945 The Silent Generation. Conformist. Silent through the MacCarthy era when the fear of Communism swept the country.

1901-1927 The Greatest Generation. Lived through the Great Depression and then went off to fight in WW2. Popularized jazz and swing.

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