Customer Community

Customer Community


I am eager to find out who are customers are and what they think of our software.  Before I started work at ExpressDigital, I tried searching the web for discussions about our company and products.  We were not appearing as predominantly in the results as I expected. 

I soon came across the Digital Imaging Notebook blog,and found this post titled Workflow Software, where he explains why he recommends our software.  I read a few other posts including one where he reviewed another product.  This guy is good.  He is honest and to the point.  There is no doubt in my mind that if our software fails to meet his needs he will drop us in favor of a competitor.  But I’d rather have an honest loyal customer, that will put us to the fire if necessary, than someone that doesn’t appreciate the value of our offerings.

I’m subscribed and hope to find more customers like him  I can learn from.

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