Paintball around Austin

Paintball around Austin

There are three primary fields I know of around Austin.  We’ve been to Hill13 the most because it is the most convenient to us.  I have not been to Texas Paintball but I know it is a much larger place and a more expensive than Hill13.  Some of David’s friends that have been there prefer Hill13. They particulary did NOT like crack house field at Texas Paintball.  They actually quit in the middle because they were too intimidated at being “trapped” in the crack house.  David and I visited Extreme PB years ago and liked it. We hope to return soon.  Here are comparisons of the three fields:


Texas Paintball (No  outside paint allowed)
Price:     $41.95 (500 rounds) $15 field fee
Paint:    $43 1000 rounds, $78 2000 rounds

Hill13 (Outside paint for personal guns allowed)
Price: $40 (500 rounds). $12 Field Fee, $8 all-day air
Paint:  $17 500 rounds, $30 1000 rounds, $57 2000 rounds. They charge $8 for allowing you to use your own paint unless you previously bought it there.

Xtreme Paintball (No outside paint allowed)
Price:                     $40 (500 rounds, includes NXE Pack (pods & belt) )
CO2 Refill:           $19,12oz $2 20oz $5 all-day
Paint:                   $35/$40 1000 rounds $60/$80 2000 rounds

Other field not visited:

Outlaw Paintball Field (Pflugerville)

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