Maker Faire

Maker Faire

So we attended Maker Faire yesterday.  Jane called it Geek-orama from what she saw on the website.  We entered through the indoor venue and walked down to the floor of the show arena.  After taking in a few "booths" Cassidy said "You paid $25 dollars for this!  What a rip-off".  Granted the large indoor building, housing many science booths and robotics and such may not have appealed to an 11 year old girl.  It actually did but you had to find the interesting exhibits among some mundane ones.

Once we ventured out to the outdoor area, the kids perked up and got more excited.  We first watched the Live Size Mouse Trap (replica of the board game), and hooked-up with Jim afterwards.  The artistically decorated cars were interesting.  There was a real good magician, fire-breathing, sword-swallowing performer.  By far the favorite activity was the Cycle park.  There were a dozen or so modified bikes that we ALL enjoyed riding around.  We all wanted one!  Many of the bikes were provided by Cyclecide

By the time we walked out everyone was saying how much fun Maker Faire was.

Dirty Car Art:

Camera Car:

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