C# Books

C# Books

Bill Wagner’s Effective C# Book on the Addison-Wesley website. Reviewed here.

Richter’s Applied.NET Programming book

From an Amazon review of Tom’s book:

I purchased this book after reading Mr. Archer’s Visual C++.NET Bible and am extremely happy with it. I have quite a few C# books and can say without hesitation that this book, Jesse Liberty’s and Petzold’s SECOND C# book are the only C# books worth owning. You buy those three and you’ll be set. I personally use them as follows:

* Jesse Liberty – Better than Archer in terms of tutorial style writing. Use this book as your first C# book
* Tom Archer – Awesome reference material and low-level details of the language. Use this book as a reference after finishing Liberty’s book
* Charles Petzold – Great for learning how to write Windows apps with C# – once you’ve learned the language with Archer & Liberty.

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