Google Maps

Google Maps

The Future of the Google Maps API
Nobody knows the future of the Google Maps API.  Today it is free (in Beta) but tomorrow, who
O’Reilly points to a pessimistic and an optimistic point of view
Google Maps Mania

Google Map Hacks
Using Google Maps in Real-Estate

For Developers
Google API Docs
How to embed a Google Map viewer on your website
How to Hack Google
Google Maps on your website
Google Maps Embedding How-To
Google Maps Hacking Wiki
Where’s Tim Hibbard? – Help connecting up to Google Maps & Google Earth

How to draw a circle around a waypoint
Gnikville Wiki

V2 Tutorial

There are several sites that will provide longitude/latitude for a given address.  Just search on "geocoding" and you’ll get plenty of hits.  Some sites offer an API allowing free access up to a certain number of requests, after that you would have to pay.

Adding custom tools
Redefining mouse events

Batch Geocoding

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