Weblogs in education

Weblogs in education

Here are some interesting articles promoting weblogs in education:

Edublogs – Excellent article listing benefits of weblogs for teachers and students with links to numerous examples
Why Weblogs for students Why students take to weblogs
Thoughts about weblogs in education – More uses of weblogs in school
What are SchoolBlogs – A site offering free weblogs for schools
What are the possibilities for weblogs in education? – Specific recommendations on how teachers can use weblogs
Pretty incredible school site hosted by Manila

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  1. Kleymeyer Weblog: Weblogs in education

    Kleymeyer Weblog: Weblogs in education I dug this up throught the sixapart professional network which you all can sign up for if you want (sixapart is the company that makes typepad). I thought the

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