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Kristen’s Baseball Legacy Secure

Kristen’s Baseball Legacy Secure

Kristen hit her first home run at the LTYA 12U Drysdale field.  A towering shot over the left field fence with two runners on.

From GameChanger game summary:

The Lake Travis Rangers shut the door early on the Lake Travis Yankees, capturing an 11-0 victory on Tuesday.

With seven runs in the first three innings, the Lake Travis Rangers left no doubt about the eventual outcome.

A three-run home run by Kristen …fueled the Lake Travis Rangers’ offense early.

Kristen racked up five RBIs on two hits for the Lake Travis Rangers.

Kristen got the win for the Lake Travis Rangers. He pitched two shutout innings. He struck out five, walked one and surrendered one hit.

Obviously, GameChanger, with its lack of recognition of gender, doesn’t think girls play baseball; but we know different.

David’s 2013 Freshman Lacrosse Highlights

David’s 2013 Freshman Lacrosse Highlights

I created a highlight video with cool music of David’s freshman lacrosse season.
Google stripped out half the music, left half, and posted ads for the music they left!
So I decided to post the video myself with all music intact.
The video plays back in the default video player of your browser.
Depending on what you are running it may or may not play well.

Here are two links you can try in your browser:

#1 Uses Default Browser

#2 Uses FlowPlayer

WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins

I love WordPress.  I use it for all my web sites.  Most hosting services offer it for free.  I manage three  primary WordPress sites.  My own blog, laketravislacrosse, and laketravisparents.

Below are plugins I recommend for WordPress

Members highly recommended for collaboration.
NextGen Gallary for simple photo management.  Can be used to rotate through images.  I use it to highlight VIP sponsors.
iFrame. WordPress doesn’t allow iFrames for security reasons.  This plugin supports iFrames which are necessary for embedding things such as a Google Form or PayPal buttons.
AWPCP for Classified Ads
Exclude Pages From Navigation.  I found this plugin searching how to remove pages that showed up in the Classifieds Menu created by the AWPCP plugin.   Previously, I had made pages private to keep them from showing up in the menu which is related to the theme I am using.  Now with this plugin I have better control of whether a page should be on a menu or not.

USTA 4.5 2011

USTA 4.5 2011

I had a great season of USTA 4.5 tennis this year.  Counting the three matches I played this weekend in Houston (Little State) I went 10-1 !  Not bad for the last year as a junior.  Next year I qualify for senior leagues!

Thanks to my tennis partners: Clay Johnson, Steve Gilmer (we went 3-0 in Little State), Russ Needler and James Bronson.

And thanks to Gentry Sparling for captaining our team and to Darrell Breeden for all his help this season and for scheduling most of my practice matches.