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  • XBOX One S Costco Bundle

    Posted on November 10th, 2017 Alan No comments


    Time for a new XBOX.  Best deal I found that suited us was at Costco.

    XBOX One S 500GB with 3-month Game Pass and Extra Controller $269.99

    With order I got $8 off a 1-year XBOX Live 12-Month Gold Membership

    With order got $51 off ANY game (got COD WWII)

    Shipping was $1.99 !


  • How do we avert the apocalypse?

    Posted on October 9th, 2017 Alan No comments


    When we can’t even agree on the basic issues in society (Gun Control, Health Care), there is no way we will ever agree that we need to stop  GNP growth!  Bring on the Apocalypse!

    Read how Costa Rica may have the solution

    Our chances of keeping global warming below the 2C danger threshold are very, very small: only about 5%. The reason, according to the paper’s authors, is that the cuts we’re making to greenhouse gas emissions are being cancelled out by economic growth.

    This is what ecologists call “de-growth”. This calls for redistributing existing resources and investing in social goods in order to render growth unnecessary.

    After all, once we have excellent healthcare, education, and affordable housing, what will endlessly more income growth gain us? Maybe bigger TVs, flashier cars, and expensive holidays. But not more happiness, or stronger communities, or more time with our families and friends. Not more peace or more stability, fresher air or cleaner rivers. Past a certain point, GDP gains us nothing when it comes to what really matters. In an age of climate change, where the pursuit of ever more GDP is actively dangerous, we need a different approach.

  • Kristen Kleymeyer ’19 Sand Volleyball 2017

    Posted on July 5th, 2017 Alan No comments

    Kristen’s Recruiting Website

  • Cassidy’s Buick Encore

    Posted on November 24th, 2016 Alan No comments

    Been full time with GM since Sept 26th (started as contractor Feb 22).  Thought I’d eat my own dog food.  I don’t currently work on anything in GM cars, I’m working on the rider and driver Android apps for Maven Shuttle used for managing reservations for shuttle services on campuses.

    Kristen is about to get her license so needing another car, decided to get Cassidy this car and let Kristen inherit the Kia Sportage.  Didn’t even need to use my employee discount.  Year-end 20% off offer was too good to pass up on this 2016 Buick Encore.


  • Kristen Kleymeyer ’19 Basketball 2015

    Posted on January 1st, 2016 Alan No comments

  • I don’t Care Where My Children Go To College

    Posted on December 16th, 2015 Alan No comments

    I don’t either!  I don’t care if Kristen plays a sport in college either, I really don’t.  It doesn’t mean that I rule it out though.  Without going overboard,  I want to prepare my kids and give them the opportunity to make whatever choice they want for themselves in regards to the college they attend.

    Read Catherine Pearlman’s I Don’t Care Where My Children Go To College post here

    My favorite comment:

    “This idea that students have to excel at the highest level (with experience dating back to early childhood) is supremely flawed. If everyone is a black belt, fluent in Mandarin and the captain of [fill in the blank] sports team, how can one differentiate any of these children? I was an admissions director for a master’s program for a short while. I can tell you after reading hundreds of essays that your child isn’t special. He’s doing exactly what all the other applicants are doing. Exactly.”


  • The Right Way to Merge Lanes to Avoid Traffic-Induced Road Rage

    Posted on October 1st, 2014 Alan No comments


    The traffic on 71 in Austin to the new Lake Travis Middle School has several intersections where the 2nd lane on the right ends just past a light.  When should you move into the lane that is not ending?

    Click HERE for a great answer


  • Beep Beep

    Posted on August 24th, 2014 Alan No comments

    One of my favorite animals visiting our back porch. Click to enlarge


  • Kristen’s Soccer Highlights from 2008

    Posted on February 26th, 2014 Alan No comments

    Kristen played for the Cheetah Girls from 2006-2011 in the Austin United league in South Austin.

    Coached by Carrie Phillips all 5 years the team had:
    Abby, Brooke, Caroline, Kaitlyn, Kristen, Rylli, Sloane,

    Here are highlights from Kristen’s 2008 season (7 yrs old)

  • Embed or Link to multi-calendar view of your Google Calendar

    Posted on February 4th, 2014 Alan No comments

    These are the steps to embed a google calendar in your website:

    1. Next to ANY calendar that you want to include, hover to the right of it to reveal the drop-down menu icon, and select Calendar Settings
    2. In the “Embed This Calendar” section select the link “Customize the color, size, and other options”
    3. Select the other calendars that you want to include in your view under the “Calendars to Display” section
    4. Select any other options. Don’t forget to give this “multi-calendar” view a title, then click the Update Html button in the top right.
    5. Copy and paste the html code generated to your web page.
    6. Some sites do not allow you to include an <iframe>.  For WordPress sites, you must install a plugin such as THIS one.

    What if you just want to LINK to the multi-calendar view or email someone a link to the view?

    You can do this by taking the embed code and cleaning it up a bit as follows:

    1. Remove the iframe tag and src=.  You only need the actual url and all it’s parameters.
    2. When you copy and pasted the embed code, you are likely to see several occurrences of &amp; which will cause the link to show you a blank calendar.  Replace these occurrences with just the & character.

    Example original embed code:

    <iframe src=”https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?title=My%20Multi-calendar%20View&amp;height=600&amp;wkst=1&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF
    color=%23711616&amp;ctz=America%2FChicago” style=” border-width:0 ” width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

    After cleanup, hyperlink to use:

    ctz=America%2FChicago” style=” border-width:0 ” width=”800″ height=”600″
    frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>