iMovie Tips

iMovie Tips

Based on iMovie version 10.1.9

How to create highlight video from Volleyball game

  • Drop entire game into timeline.  You can just use Finder and drag and drop files
  • Start watching using keyboard hotkeys to fast forward until you get to part where you are involved in play.
  • Play normal and decide if you want this clip.
    • For Hitting I like to start just before the set and after SOME celebration
    • For Serve Receive I like to start with ball just before it crosses the net and end after setter sets
    • For Digs I like to start just before hitter hits or maybe include set too, end after next hit of ball
    • Include serve only if it has great velocity or placement, not due to bad SR
  • Position head at starting frame, hit <Command><B>
  • Position head at ending frame, hit <Command<B>
  • Select and delete video before the highlight clip
  • Advance to video past highlight clip and continue
  • Use a Title above the last highlight clip in timeline (Reveal Lower Third) to remind you where you left off
  • Don’t use transitions.
  • Don’t include “lucky” plays like a server that hits top of net and goes in.
  • Don’t include “basic” plays like a serve or free ball that comes right to you.
  • Remember these should be “highlights”, not video of what anyone can do.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Split Clip : <Command><B>
Undo: <Command><Z>
Copy: <Command><C>
Paste: <Command><V>

<Space>: Play
< L >: Fast Forward (repeat for faster). Use <Space> or <K> to pause
< J >: Fast Rewind (repeat for faster). Use <Space> or <K> to pause
< Left Arrow > Single frame backward
<Right Arrow > Single frame forward (Try holding down)
< Up Arrow> Previous Clip
<Down Arrow> Next Clip
<X>: Select Entire Clip
<Option> < F > : Add Freeze Frame using current position. Grab frame handle (circle at top) to shorten/extend time

Use Zoom-In/Zoom-Out slider

Remove (soften) Audio:  Position cursor toward bottom of clip in timeline just above sound graph until you see double-arrow cursor, grab and pull down

Advanced Editing

Slow Motion
Stabilize Shaky Video
Adjust Color

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