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  • Cramming (Fraud)

    Posted on October 14th, 2013 Alan No comments

    I have been a victim of cramming which is a term I was not familiar with until today. I discovered a $6.99 charge my T-mobile cell phone bill and traced it back 4 months. A reoccurring charge of $6.99 was added without my knowledge and T-mobile said it was from PlayPlanet. Did you now that virtually anyone can cause a charge to be added to your phone bill?  If you have not blocked Third-Party charges on your cell phone you should do it now!

    Fortunately, T-Mobile valued my business and they refunded me the amount of the unexpected charges.  They also turned on the free service to block any future 3rd party charges on all 4 of the lines we have.   You can read about the T-mobile policy on third-party charges HERE.

    Though I appreciate the corrective steps taken by T-Mobile, I resent that I even had to ask for them.  This should be an OPT-IN policy where I should have to REQUEST allowing third party charges, not an OPT-OUT where they enable it by default.

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