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  • One Click Build with Visual Studio 2008 & Inno Setup

    Posted on November 4th, 2010 Alan No comments
    Creating installers using Inno Setup is possible as a post build step in Visual Studio.  You must have  the Inno Setup preprocessor installed.
    1. Add a new project of type Empty Project (I name it BuildAll).
    2. I like renaming the project in the solution as _BuildAll so that it appears first
    3. Change the  Configuration  Type to Utility (Configuration Properties…General)
    4. Delete default filter folders.
    5. Add install related files to the project.  Any readme files, the .iss Inno setup script, etc.
    6. Set project dependencies for the _BuildAll project
    7. Select project’s Post-Build Event setting (Configuration Properties…Build Events).  Add something similar to:

    iscc /DConfigurationName=$(ConfigurationName) “$(SolutionDir)\Installers\sample.iss”

    Be sure ISCC.exe is in the system path (Right-click Computer…Properties…Advanced system settings…Environment Variables).  Add C:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 5  to the Path.

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