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  • Read this if you have a PayPal account and don’t like receiving advertising emails

    Posted on September 14th, 2010 Alan No comments

    If you have a PayPal account you may be receiving emails from PayPal partners.  Here is how to stop it.  BTW, I was alerted to this from PayPal themselves.  I decided to actually read their email titled PayPal Annual Privacy and Error Resolution Notice.

    If you do not want PayPal to share your personal information with eBay companies for the purpose of marketing their products or with other financial institutions for the purpose of marketing our jointly offered products to you, please log in to your account and uncheck the box in the Information Sharing section of the Notifications and Information Sharing page. This page can be accessed by going to the Profile subtab under the My Account tab.

    Personally, I think it should be criminal to automatically opt in someone and require them to jump through hoops to opt-out.

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