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  • My new 24-inch LCD Widescreen monitor

    Posted on December 9th, 2009 Alan 1 comment


    At work  we have a high-end workstation that came with a very nice 22in monitor.  The monitor had VGA, DVI AND composite video input jacks!  I’ve borrowed it before for XBOX night.  This Christmas, at the top of my wish list is a new LCD monitor for me to use when I work at home sitting on the couch with my Dell notebook and MacBook Pro.   I’m currently using a 15in LCD  with the VGA jack for the laptop or the  DVI jack for the MacBook.   I’ve really wanted a bigger monitor and have kept my eyes open for  one under $200.  Stores don’t carry LCD monitors with a composite video jack so today I decided to call Dell and they were able to hook me up. They recommended  the E2210 22-inch Widescdreen for $199.  They are able to customize it and add a composite connection!  I let the sales guy upsale me a speaker bar for $35.   I told him it was $40 on the Dell site for small business.  Small business always gets you better prices then Home.  Doesn’t seem right.  Anyway monitor plus speakers plus tax came to $220.83 with free shipping.  I’m excited!
    Update: In general I’ve had good experiences shopping at Dell.  Turns out this wasn’t one of them.  The monitor arrived today and it did NOT have the composite connection.  It also does not have a stand I can rotate into portrait mode, but then I don’t remember if I specified that.  It took almost 2.5 hours online holding and speaking with multiple people but I’m sending this monitor back and I’ve ordered the S2409W 24-inch Widescreen monitor with VGI, DVI, and HDMI.  It was on sale for $189.  The sound bar should fit on it.  The person I spoke with today said the monitor I ordered could not be altered to add a composite connection.  Arggggh!  We’ll see if round two works out.


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