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  • Did you know you can make calls using your cell phone?

    Posted on September 28th, 2009 Alan No comments

    I’m about to lose the battle of a texting-free home.   There isn’t anyone that communicates electronically more than I or that can appreciate how technology has enabled all kinds of ways to communicate.  I just believe that texting should be used infrequently.  Sure there are times where texting is the BEST way to contact someone (at the movies, in class, in a meeting, etc.) but I believe those optimal moments are the exception.  I believe texting is abused by most kids creating unnecessary chatter and wastes time not to mention turns people into social introverts.  I’ve asked David and Cassidy not to bring their iPod Touchs into restaurants.  What’s next?  A scrolling LED readout of people’s twitter posts on a wristband (I’ll be updating this post when this becomes reality, seriously).

    Here is an example of how the latest social media trends have turned kids minds into mush:

    Good thing we have facebook

    (from my favorite radio show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)

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