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  • How NOT to handle an HTTP 404 error

    Posted on March 6th, 2009 Alan No comments

     Watchmen Movie Pack
    What a fiasco. This morning I opened my Watchmen Movie Pack that I picked up at Best Buy. Inside was a card with a code and instructions to visit this website which immediately asked me for my credit card number! What? Is this a scam?  It sure looked like it.  There was no reason they needed my credit card number and no indication what this site was.  I was pissed. Why did the packaging at Best Buy not warn me I would need to provide a credit card number?  I was so mad I called the manager at the Best Buy store and I also spoke to XBOX Live support (the movie pack was a cross promotion for XBOX Live).  I actually even filed a complaint with the FTC.  I thought I was doing my part being a good citizen.

    As it turned out, I spelled the url wrong ..\watchman instead of ..\watchmen.

    The website was directing the request to the unexisting page to their home page.  First, who puts a request for a credit card on their home page with NO explanation?  That’s their first mistake. And obviously, handling an HTTP 404 response by redirecting to a page that asks for a credit card number is their obvious mistake. Surely, I’m not the first person to make this innocent mistake.

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