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  • Limitations of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service

    Posted on August 8th, 2008 Alan No comments

    I came across this interesting post titled Netflix's DRM Turned Me Into a Pirate.

    I have to admit, I have empathy for those that TRY to do the right thing but due to company policy or poor implementation, turn to "other" means to get what they want.

    I've been there.   My latest example was losing Jane's Mac Mini hard drive.  All her iTunes library went with it.  I googled and found out that Apple WILL allow you to download your library as a one time exception.  Of course I didn't learn this from Apple, they wouldn't dare advertise this, but they will  honor it if you ask.  Thing is, we weren't able to get our entire 100+ song  collection.  Due to reorganization of their "database" or whatever, they were unable to provide about 10 songs.  Think I'm going to re-purchase those song?  Of course not. 

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