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    Posted on July 5th, 2008 Alan No comments

    Eric has a posts about Absurd Customer Service.
    In larger companies, support is hit or miss.  With smaller companies there is a good chance you will get the best support you’ve experienced.  At DVFilm, if there is a serious problem with our software we are even able to release an update within a few days of discovery.  We also do our best to respond to all support requests within 24 hours but often response within just a few hours.  I know for me, there isn’t a better feeling than sending a support email and getting a response within minutes!  We use Google Mail so that multiple people can monitor the support emails.  The threaded structure of GMAIL, the labeling, search capability, and the client notification tool makes it ideal for support.  One thing I wish worked different, however, is how Google keeps track of the last account signed in.  We have multiple accounts in various Google properties, such as GMAIL, Blogger, Docs, and I want to be able to login to one account without changing the currently logged in account in all the other services.

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