Backing up your data

Backing up your data

I have friend shopping around trying to repair his laptop that crashed.  He needs a new hard drive and needs to recover important data from it.  Best Buy quoted him $300-$3000 to recover his data.  Why even GIVE an estimate?  Jane's Mac mini recently also crapped out and I'm having her 80gig HD replaced and data restored for $200.

My friend asked me if I back up my data.  I told him "sort of".  I HAVE backed up my important documents, photos, and music to an external hard drive but it's been over a year since I've refreshed it.  I do have some redundancy in that some of my files are copied onto my other computers.  I also have a copy on my website.  But still, I'm exposed and need to take my backup process more seriously.

Coincidently, I read this recent post at  It advocates backing up your important data to a location somewhere on the Internet.  But I've read horror stories about that solution as well when a customer lost all their photos from a service.  Personally, I would advocate backing things up on two different external sources at home AND online somewhere.  I plan to use an external hard drive and a second computer for redundency for important files.  I'll keep some files on my website.  Photos, Video and Music presents a bigger challenge because they take up so much room and the process of uploading is very time consuming.  I'll use a combination of DVDs and external HD for those.

To recover data from a bad HD, here is some advice:


Backing up data from your Mac
Mail – mail data is stored in the foldersw ~/Library/Mail/POP-….
AddressBook – select all your contacts and select File…Export vCard.  This will create a file a .vcf  file.  You can then download and run this A to G program to convert the file to a comma seperated file (.csv).   This file can then be imported into Gmail.  To restore, you can export back to a file that AddressBook can  import.

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