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  • Visual Studio 2008 Install

    Posted on January 22nd, 2008 Alan 4 comments

    I got my January MSDN update in the mail yesterday. In it came Visual Studio 2008. The installation did not go smoothly. I got errors that it failed. I ran the setup again in “repair” mode and it got further.

    I tried creating a simple C++/MFC application and it did not compile complaining of missing windows.h and winres?.h. I can’t remember the letter missing from the file but it wasn’t winres.h it was looking for. It was looking in ./Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/atlmfc/include.

    I tried repairing again and the files did not appear. I then ran the setup, went to add/remove components and deselected the C++ MFC component, then ran it again and selected it to reinstall it. Though the files that were “missing” did not appear, something changed and when I tried building an C++ MFC app, and Win32 app, those files were not referenced and the projects built successfully. Weird. I then tried compiling a 2005 C++ MFC project I had and it built fine as well.

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    4 responses to “Visual Studio 2008 Install”

    1. This is a Visual Studio 2008 install bug .. I just ran into it today. I ran the install. I selected “complete” install. About 1/4 of the way through I got prompted to reboot my computer, and I did so. The setup did not restart after the reboot so I assumed it was completed. I tried to perform a simple compile and windows.h was missing. I performed a search in the VC9 directory, and yes it was in fact missing. I reran the install again .. and it went into maintenance mode, as if everything had installed sucessfully. But I noticed that there were some components that were not installed, even though I told it to perform a complete install. So I selected the only component not selected “crystal reports for visual studio 2008” and selected the update button. Then I got a long list of all the components (including the Platform SDK headers) that it was going to install.
      I mounted the DVD using an ISO mounter program .. my guess is thats why the setup did not automatically continue after the reboot (because the media was not mounted).

    2. I notice the windows.h in my win32 app is being referenced in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WIndows\v6.0A\include. I did read that VS08 integrates some of the SDKs that use to require a seperate install. Apparently my install didn’t complete like Larry’s.

    3. I also got problem with the header files although I did choose complete install. Many of the header files are missing. Right now I’m installing back my MS Visual Studio 2008. Hopefully the header files will be installed.

    4. The header files and the libraries are in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WIndows\v6.0A\ like Adam said. Thanks.

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