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  • Yahoo Online Status

    Posted on October 18th, 2007 Alan No comments

    My Online Status for Yahoo IM is suppose to display along the left column of my home page here.  It has never worked.  I finally wrote TypePad technical support but the response did not lead me to a solution (make sure you aren’t logging in as invisible, make sure your status is available to all).  I investigated further and came across this post.  I viewed the source of my weblog home page and compared the code that is suppose to show status with the example in that post.  I recognized that the screen name that was being used on my weblog included @yahoo.com and it should have only been the screen name.  Updating my Typepad profile with only the screen name did the trick.    Another example of how computers are still way to hard for a normal person to navigate, and how great technical support is hard to come by.

    I’m starting to provide technical support for DVFilm.com.  Hopefully, my experience on the other side will help me provide the type of technical support I have come to expect.

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