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  • Inksmile, my online ink replacement company

    Posted on October 23rd, 2007 Alan 3 comments

    Inksmilelogo Back in June I wrote this post sharing my research on ordering replacement ink online.  I chose to try InkSmile. It wasn’t the cheapest but with other factors taken into consideration (money back guarantee, discount coupons, referral program, free shipping, reviews) it felt like the best choice.  I’m happy to report that my experience has been excellent and I highly recommend it.  If you give it a try and need a referral number (I get 5% credit) use mine: 52786.


    3 responses to “Inksmile, my online ink replacement company”

    1. To Alan:

      When doing a search of inksmile referral numbers, yours came up. So you are the beneficiary of my order to Ink Smile. I do agree with you that their products are not the cheapest but they work as advertised and I have always been happy with their products.

      Best wishes,


      “We all are here to help each other out.”

    2. When I put Inksmile referral into google your page came up first so I used your referral number.


    3. Thanks Mike. I appreciate it.
      I hope you have as positive an experience with them as I have had.

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