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  • TV getting trashier and trashier

    Posted on September 26th, 2007 Alan No comments

    A show I enjoy watching is Rules of Engagement.  I think the writing is good,
    but extremely adult and racy.  That seems to be the standard today, get in as many sexual references and jokes about sex as possible.  I like the relationships between the married couple and between the engaged couple, and yes, David Spade is good too.  I really liked Patrick Warburton on Seinfeld and he is terrific as the deadpan husband.  Though I recommend the show for adults, if you aren’t one to blush easily, for goodness sake, don’t let your kids watch it.

    Cassidy had asked me to tape Gossip Girl, which I did, and she watched it on her own this week. When I
    asked if I should continue taping it for her she mentioned casually
    that it was a bit inappropriate (thank goodness). I skimmed the episode
    tonight and decided it was not a show for her. I did not realize it was
    much worse than I thought. Tracee over at Blog Fabulous explains why it is garbage.  I have decided to
    stay away from the CW network, and to never let my kids watch a show
    for the first time without supervision.

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