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  • Too much technology

    Posted on March 28th, 2007 Alan 2 comments

    If I needed proof I have too much technology in my home, my 10 year old made it crystal clear this evening. Cassidy wanted to watch a TV show in my office on our Samsung.  I have it set to cycle through the High-Definition stations only with the antenna setting set to over the air.  You have to switch the antenna setting to Cable to get all the stations available in our other rooms that are connected to our basic cable.  Anyway, she couldn’t find the station she wanted.  She DID know how to use the XBOX360 connected to the Samsung to access  Windows Media Center on my PC.  So she fired THAT up, selected My TV and promptly began streaming Live TV from the PC (with a TV tuner card) to the XBOX so she can watch it on our HDTV which is also connected to cable! Caramba!


    2 responses to “Too much technology”

    1. Welcome to the world we live in. My son is barely two years old, yet he can find any letter on the keyboard that you ask him to. Scary.

    2. Impressive!

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