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  • HDTV: The Facts and Fiction of 1080p

    Posted on March 28th, 2007 Alan 2 comments

    The Facts and Fiction of 1080p

    What is better, 720p or 1080i? This has been a topic of discussion for
    a long time. If only taking into account the technical aspects, the
    answer is simple. 720p is better than 1080i.

    720p is better than 1080i in HDTV because the highest 1080 line formats
    (1080i60 and 1080p30) as defined in the ATSC standard, deliver only a
    few more pixels per second than the highest 720p variant (720p60).

    1080i delivers a higher quality visual when static images are
    broadcasted. As soon as you have fast changes in the visuals, 720p look
    as good or better than 1080i.

    Is 1080p essential?  Not really.  If you already own an HDTV, don’t feel that you’ve thrown your money out the window.   
    Moving forward, getting a 1080p display that can accept 1080p signals
    will be crucial for enjoying next-generation DVD movies and games at
    their maximum resolution.

    1080p is supported on the XBOX with this XBOX software upgrade.  I don’t have anything that outputs 1080p.  I would have to purchase a HD-DVD drive and game or movies created for 1080p.  My TV doesn’t even support 1080p.  Something to look forward to with my second HDTV purchase!


    2 responses to “HDTV: The Facts and Fiction of 1080p”

    1. Wow thanks alot for this post very helpful…you learn something new every day!!!

    2. 720p certainly does offer more value for the money. The quality difference is pretty negligible for motion, and the prices of 1080i televisions don’t justify the small increase in quality. I think 1080i is only for people who really just want to have “the latest, greatest thing”. :)

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