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  • Throwback Christmas

    Posted on January 5th, 2007 Alan No comments

    We had a great Christmas.
    We did not get an XBOX 360 or an HDTV TV, our big wish-list items.
    Instead, Christmas included some gifts that were well received, inexpensive and a throwback to my childhood. First there was PaddlePool.  I remember my four sisters and I playing this all the time. We even took it with us to Evansville Indiana that year we got it. 

    Next, David received an electric racecar set.  No batteries (yeah), just an AC adapter and two controllers.  It was a blast.  I remember wanting this one I was a kid.  Ours has a loop but this picture gives you an idea of the set:

    Finally, David also received this wooden Tommy Gun that shot rubber bands.  The rubber bands don’t shoot very hard but go far enough to make it fun.

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