Our First HD TV

Our First HD TV

I finally pulled the lever and bought an HDTV.  The 32″ Samsung LCD was a modest purchase, in my opinion.  It was not going to be our main living room TV but rather an office TV where we could watch DVDs and play XBOX in HD.  It was going to replace the Sony 32″ Trinitron TV we gave away.  We don’t currently have any HD programming and I didn’t immediately plan to add any to our cable service.

The biggest surprise in the whole experience is discovering that I could recieve FREE HD signals from the three major networks plus our local PBS (whose signal really rocks!) station using nothing more than a rabbit-ears antenna!  Wow. Now I’m wondering why I even need basic cable; oh yeah, the other three TV’s in the house.

Just as I expected, playing XBOX and watching DVD’s in HD in widescreen rocks.  And I’m not sure I would have sat through a Dixie Chicks Concert on PBS but it was so beautiful in HD, I had to.

Here’s the best site I found to help you determine if you’re likely to get the OTA HD signals

Update: Our 2nd HD TV is a 40″ Samsung LNT4061FX/XAA, serial # AHBA3CSPA10261F

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