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  • I want a better swap site

    Posted on January 29th, 2007 Alan 2 comments

    My recent experiences with Craig’s List and Austin FreeCycle make me yearn
    for an opportunity to develop a swapping service that I’ve had on the back

    Online classifieds work. And people don’t necessarily need to make money off
    of their possessions they are willing to part with.

    I was shopping for a loft bed for Cassidy and Craig’s list delivered a
    resident here in Austin that was willing to sell me her gently used one for 40%
    of the cost of a new one. I loved it so much and it worked out in Cassidy’s room
    so well that I bought a SECOND one, on Craig’s list for again, roughly for the
    same discount. I even negotiated $50 off the price by agreeing to disassemble
    the bed myself.

    More recently, I used Austin FreeCycle to get rid of an old Sony 32" TV that
    I no longer wanted. It worked but was falling apart and I didn’t care to take
    the time to fix what was wrong with it. Austin FreeCycle delivered eight
    interested parties within 12 hours.

    All this took some time and travel (contacting and waiting for replies,
    coordinateing schedules, borrowing pickups, driving across town). How wonderful
    would it have been if I could have scheduled the same transacations in my
    immediate neighborhood.


    2 responses to “I want a better swap site”

    1. Hey there,
      I just had a conversation this evening with a neighbor about swapping things to/from people you know or that are in your community.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to find that in-between bike that you know your son will need for exactly 2 months until he grows enough for the one you want to buy him? Or, Shame about those nice ski boots that will never fit again, I wonder if anyone can use them….

      I don’t seem to see anything out there ready to take advantage of this need. Guess I’ll have to build it. =D


    2. Steve, I would love to develop such a site and have purchased some domains for the day I have time. They are:
      Neighborhoodswap.net and rightnextdoor.net

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