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  • Doing it right on the first day

    Posted on September 19th, 2006 Alan No comments

    I started my new job as Senior Developer with ExpressDigital yesterday.  I’ve had some great jobs in the past.  I feel spoiled that for most of my career, I’ve actually looked forward to going into work.  I could tell ExpressDigital was going to be one of those places.  I love their products and their software is right up my alley.  They have the intangibles down too.  They arranged to take me out to lunch the first day, and even toasted me!  Talk about feeling welcomed.  I never understood why companies often ignored the little things that make coming to work a joy.  Maybe I didn’t get an Aeron Chair,  but I did get my own office with a beautiful view of Lake Austin and the 360 bridge. Sweet.  I’m looking forward to helping make ExpressDigital even more successfull than they already are.   Expect a lot more posts about them here.

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