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    Posted on April 17th, 2006 Alan 3 comments

    I’m hosting my www.neighborhoodswap.net domain at GoDaddy.  They offer the DotNetNuke content management software.  I installed it and was getting into it. Then I reached a point where I wanted to customize it and add my own module.  Turns out you can’t do that unless YOU install DotNetNuke yourself.  Don’t understand why but looks like I’ll have to start over.

    HowTo Manually Install DotNetNuke on GoDaddy.com derived from this thread

    DNN Designer – a DNN Control Panel Replacement


    3 responses to “DotNetNuke”

    1. As I suspected, the server string I supplied wasn’t correct. I supplied: whsql-v08 which seemed shorter than the examples I found in the forums but that’s what was shown in the GoDaddy Hosting Manager Sql Server page. I finally dug deeper, clicked the View Connection String under Actions and got the full string I should have added to the web.config before installing:

      Since I thought my site may have been misconfigured I started over deleting my database, recreating it and running the install again with the updated web.config. This generated a nice progress output as it installed.

      The homepage now showed up but there were errors on each module. Something about the database not allowing local connections or something.

    2. I realize this is an old article but just wanted to state that adding modules to Dotnetnuke is very easy and I cannot imagine why it should not work in case you did not install Dotnetnuke yourself. If you are able to log into your site as a host user you can install modules. There are a lot of very good free modules available on the internet and maybe even more commercial ones.

    3. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been thinking of revisiting DotNetNuke and installing the latest version. Am also considering Community Server.

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