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  • I threw rocks down the garbage disposal

    Posted on March 17th, 2006 Alan No comments

    If you leave Dad alone, you have to expect a few mishaps.  The kitchen is Mom’s domain.  If I try to cook, I quickly become frustrated because I can’t find stuff.  I usually stick with leftovers and frozen dinners when I’m left alone like I was this week during spring break.   I also try to keep the kitchen tidy and cleanup as I go.  There is also invariably at least one booby trap I have to negotiate when I’m left alone in the house and linger too long in places (like the kitchen).  It’s like the old Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies when he comes home and Cato is hiding somewhere ready to pounce on Clouseau. 

    The other night as I was leaving the kitchen I saw a cup, actually, a sippy-cup with no lid, so I quickly picked it up and dumped the contents into the sink.   Thanks Cassidy.  Who thinks to check for rocks at the bottom of a cup filled with water in the kitchen?  If you have kids, you should. I guess.

    BTW, my disposal doesnt’ work. Big surprise huh?  The rocks were all flat and small, like wood chips.  I thought I was clever using a piece of bread, balled up to retrieve pieces I couldn’t get with my hand. But I can feel one stubborn rock stuck on the side preventing the disposal from spinning.

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