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  • Is the Bible Error free?

    Posted on February 16th, 2006 Alan No comments

    Why Biblical Inerrancy Isn’t Important.
    Unless, of course, your faith, or lack thereof, needs it to be.

    "…Here’s a good reference
    as to why many believe the Bible to be a fallible work of men. For an
    in-depth argument that the Bible is inerrant, and a list of possible
    explanations of commonly perceived errors, here’s a good link.  For a good overview of inerrancy, try here, or here.
    Whatever our beliefs, we are all served by knowledge and understanding.
    If what we believe is valid, no insult or abuse can really tarnish it,
    nor should we fear critical discussion of it. Blind bias is the only
    thing we need to fear."

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