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  • Setting up a free website

    Posted on January 22nd, 2006 Alan No comments

    Today, I am likely to recommend using a weblog site if someone were to ask me what to use to setup their own website with minimal fuss and no HTML programming.  Many websites today, though not strictly a blog site, follow the format of a weblog with fixed links along the side, and a regular changing content on the home page.

    The best blog software, in my opinion, will offer the ability to create pages off the home page.  WordPress.com is such a site.  It supports categories, uploading files and pictures, and RSS feeds for each category.  If you’re happy with a basic layout and content is more important to you, then I highly recommend WordPress.com as a way to have your own web site or weblog.

    Here are some details about WordPress.com:
    • Easy to add new announcements.  Blogs work like a diary, you post new entries and they appear in reverse cronilogical order.  New items at the top lower items pushed down.  After a while items drop off the main page and are archived.  You can get to the archives from the home page.  Adding a new entry is similar to typing up a new email.  You have some basic control over type font.
    • You can access your site from any browser by going to www.wordpress.com and logging in.
    • Supports adding images into your post.
    • Supports pages that don’t appear on your homepage.  You can link to these pages from your home page.
    • You can associate a category for each post and view all items for a particular category.
    • Your site is searchable
    • Free
    • Anyone can "subscribe" to your website using an RSS reader which means they get notified when new items appear. They don’t have to keep checking back for announcements.

    • Only offers basic templates.  You can’t make the site look exactly how you want without a lot of work.
    • No spell checking
    • Not much support.  Forums, Yahoo Group

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