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  • TypePad service outage

    Posted on December 19th, 2005 Alan No comments

    I’ll join the chorus of TypePad customers wishing to support Six Apart in the aftermath of the recent outage.  Granted, I don’t run a business using TypePad.  I don’t even have a loyal following that I know of.  My blog is written for myself and I can withstand a few days of down time.  But I agree with Brent and Robert that no technology or service is fool-proof.  I knew when I signed up for digital phone service with Time Warner that I couldn’t expect the reliability of the land-line SBC phone system.  Just two weeks ago, some bonehead technician came to disconnect a neighbor and managed to disconnect my Cable TV, Phone, and Internet access.  It happened in the evening and it was restored by the following evening.  My first reaction was to get angry and demand some type of compensation.  But I quickly cooled and chose to cut them a break.  Recently, Barton Creek Mall here in Austin had a power-outage blamed on a squirrel!  It’s a company’s response that should be judged more than isolated incidents (assuming they are isolated and not reoccurring).

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