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  • River of News

    Posted on December 30th, 2005 Alan No comments

    Not sure why any news aggregator worth its salt would make users choose between the so called "River Of News" or NewsPaper views, and supporting folders to organize your feeds.  Support both! "River Of News" works for me at times but I often prefer the folder view.  Often, bloggers refer to nearby posts and if I’m behind on my reading (always), I want to be able to focus on a single blog’s posts.   The folders also allow me to read certain "types" of news depending on my mood.  I have a folder titled "People" that I read most often.  A "News" folder is often optional reading for me and I often empty it without reading it.  Same with my "Technology" and "Entertainment" folder.  Even a newspaper has sections of news.   You have your Front Page, your Metro, your Sports and Lifestyle.

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