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  • Rainbow Portal

    Posted on December 31st, 2005 Alan 2 comments

    I’ve been reading up on Rainbow Portal.  It is a C# .NET content management system.  I currently use Userland’s Manila software to quickly setup various websites of mine but I would like to try something I can develop new modules for.  The Yahoo Group is pretty active though after a few days of reading the posts I get the feeling the development for Rainbow is a bit disorganized.

    How to install Rainbow Portal


    2 responses to “Rainbow Portal”

    1. hi ,
      i am trying to install Rainbow porta; in my local machine but not secced till now.
      PLz send me the video instruction file for installting Rainbow portal.

    2. Sandeep, sorry, other than just reading about it and providing the link on How to Install, in the post, I don’t know anything about installing or using Rainbow.

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